“Fighting for Life: Interview with Amanda Schwarz”

Spring 2018 Interview Highlights

Instructor: “Yeah, I just give her the ground to run on. Here’s the path; go as hard and as fast as you can safely go. She’s been a pleasure to train. She soaks it all in, she listens; that’s all any instructor can ask for.

The great thing about SongAhm taekwondo is that it is modifiable. If you have a certain condition and you can’t kick like this, you kick how you can. All the forms we do, the ATA is wonderful. They have a wheelchair curriculum, but Meghan, again, as unique as she is, we’ve had to modify it for her again because she has complete use of her legs, she just can’t stand on her feet.

2018 Special Abilities-P Female 18-29 Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons, Sparring, and Combat Weapons Sparring World Champion

So we’ve taken the wheelchair curriculum and thrown it out the window and we’re actually doing traditional curriculum with her; kicks and everything and we just modify it to where we don’t concern ourselves with stances; focus more on where the chair is and technique is; where the trajectory of the technique.”

Amanda: “At the end of every lesson, taekwondo students recite a promise about how they will live outside of class. The promise includes living in the Spirit of Taekwondo. That’s what Meghan is doing everyday. After discussing the events of the Mayo Clinic recently with her, she revealed to me that Mayo is the whole reason why she does what she does. Takes the risks that she does. Tries new things; because she doesn’t know when time is going to run out. Until then, she’s going to accomplish as much as she can. Taekwondo is helping her do that.

Cover for the Podcast- Spring 2018

Meghan and Class: “Sir, I will live in the in the spirit of taekwondo having honor with others, integrity within myself, and self-control in my actions, sir!”

Thank you to Amanda for the amazing opportunity to share my story, for presenting to her digital media class, and then presenting it at a special University of Pittsburgh Film/Media Festival in the 2018 Spring Semester!

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