You Have RSD/CRPS When…

Your pain tolerance is out of this world, and yet that’s not enough most of the time.

You choke down a wave of intense pain, that would send most people running to the ER for relief, down with a quiet whimper.

If all else fails to bring pain relief, you know you’ll pass out from pain at your breaking point.

Crying is not an option. Pain programs have taught you how to forget about crying over pain. All crying does is simply increase pain and get you in trouble.

Everything feels like a horrible tube of Icy/Hot on steroids times 1000000

Everything feels like an eternal visit to the gas station and someone lit a match.

Blankets and even clothes are just unbelievably excruciating.

You are a teen or adult crawling to the bathroom. (Basically anyone other than a toddler)

Having long hair hurts your face and back.

“What’s sleep?” You ask. “When did I last have some great quality sleep?” You can’t remember.

Shaving, driving, grocery shopping and listening to loud music are different kinds of torture techniques for those with allodynia.

You can’t decide if your crutches or wheelchair is helping or hurting you.

You can’t decide if you are feeling better or just getting used to the pain.

You are asking yourself, “Is that a new CRPS symptom, or a side effect of my medication?”.

You know you have RSD when your legs could be mistaken for a forest because you haven’t been able to shave for months because of terrible allodynia.

You know you have RSD when you have 5 colors in the summer. Pale, sunburnt, tanned, “normal”, and CRPS which for me includes every color of the rainbow and then some.

At the end of the day, you know what it truly means to fight anything a force that threatens to pull you down.

After all, you are always praying for the pain free days, when you have completely forgotten what pain free feels like.

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