“Finding Chika” Review

Mitch Albom’s “Finding Chika” (November 2019) Review

This is a spectacularly written book by Mitch Albom. Little Chika was born just days before the massive January 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti that killed hundreds of thousands in just 30 seconds; demolishing much of the 2nd poorest nation in the world.

When Mitch began working in Haiti, he had no intention of being very involved with an orphanage, but they needed money. Enter Mitch and Jeanine Albom’s very hands on charitable roles. One day an older gentleman that he frequently traveled with told him that he could no longer manage his orphanage so Albom takes over more of it and he is almost immediately attracted to this remarkable personality of this young girl.

One day, he gets a call from a man at the orphanage and who says that Chika is not well several doctors come but what she really needs is a neurologist. She ends up getting an MRI in the ONLY MRI in Haiti. The results confusing, yet desperate. The Alboms need to make a decision… and fast.

Albom and his wife Jeanine end up bring her to the States for further diagnosis and treatment. The results are simply dire. The Alboms agree to keep fighting as long as she was going to fight.

The unique presentation and writing in the book is sure to trigger some hard crying/tears, laughter, fear, smiles, love, and sorrow. There are important life lessons from a 5 year old that most adults cannot even recognize or comprehend. It is a must-read!

In order, my favorite books from Mitch Albom and I hope I would rate it out of 10 against other similar books.

1) The Five People You Meet in Heaven (8/10)

2) Finding Chika (7.5/10)

3) Tuesdays with Morrie (7/10)

4) The Next Person You Meet in Heaven (3-4/10)

Finding Chika is so close to being on the same level as Tuesdays with Morrie, but the creative writing approach gave it the edge.

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