Self-Advocacy Thoughts…

Being deaf since birth with hearing aids and cochlear implants taught me the power of self-advocacy and helping others in similar situations, as it is difficult to grow up with one disability and even more challenging when many more piled on. I know my story has educated, inspired, and liberated those with and without a HPV vaccine injury.

Now, becoming a self-advocate didn’t happen overnight or even over a year. It took me over 10 years to master my own “voice”, collect the knowledge, and be an open book for others. And trust me, there were MANY tears on that road! The last 6.5-7 years I’ve become an even more powerful self-advocate, but I’ve learned to help others too; from my rarest condition to my most common using Facebook, Instagram, and my blog. Keep going warriors! We never know who we are inspiring or helping in their own triumphs and challenges!

2 thoughts on “Self-Advocacy Thoughts…”

  1. Though I have come to know your challenges and fierce responses recently, you do inspire me, Meg. And with your blogs, instagrams, and writing, you can advocate, inform, inspire, and support so many more! I stand amazed and know there is a Hand that guides and guards you. Thanks, Meg


  2. P.S. I have a BAHA Cochlear implant since 2015. I just read that in your about me. I got conductive hesring loss in my left ear after and inner ear surgery. Technology is amazing!


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