Medical Marijuana Legalization in Pennsylvania and the Issues of Support Groups

I can’t get over the ignorance of some people. I’m in a group for people considering/applying for/currently using Medical Marijuana in PA. PA is still new to the game and MMJ is high demand, extremely low supply in PA right now. As a result, it’s cost-prohibitive for most and people have a lot to say on the matter naturally. For many, the complaints about pricing and supply are out of desperation for themselves, their children, or their loved one. Show a little compassion. Be thankful you have the financial resources to pay $400+ out of pocket every month before you criticize another. The single mother on welfare desperate to stop her child’s intractable seizures is going to speak up about the price/supply and she has every right to do so.

Then you have people (like me) that are still learning, asking questions, and patiently awaiting the day a doctor signs off on our certificates to even make an appointment. If you don’t ask a question, you won’t get an answer. Several people have been complaining about the volume of questions being asked in a “informational group”. That’s the purpose of the group. Consider the situations of others before cursing at them for asking questions to the point that they leave the group. Now those questions won’t get answered. You just contributed to the problem, not the solution.

This has been your daily PSA on compassion and putting yourself in another’s shoes before making nasty comments with foul language. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it. Walk away, scroll past, unfollow, whatever it takes. Just move on.

Continue regularly scheduled programming.

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