I Didn’t Think I’d Get There, But Now It’s Getting Real

I can officially say it. After this term, summer term, and fall term, I will be graduating in Fall 2018 with my Bachelor’s in Communication (Health Sciences Concentration) and a minor in the Administration of Justice. Minor is done, major is nearly done, plus three more random classes to get to 126 credits and I’m out of here! (If you’re wondering about the certificate, it costs almost as much as my whole dual masters program and it’s redundant at this point.)

Getting into Pitt was a challenge. It’s harder to get into than local people think. Then I had the disaster that was my first four semesters. Medically, a complete mess, but I didn’t realize it wasn’t me not being smart enough for college, it helps if you aren’t in the hospital for weeks at a time or missing classes because of appointments. There were times I swore I wasn’t going to make it through college. Today, those first four semesters actually barely mess up my GPA in the grand scheme of things. Neuroscience (didn’t want to do 60 credits of it) , Emergency Medicine (have to be able to walk to do ambulance clinicals) finally happened upon Communication, but I had to wait to find my niche in the field which ended up being health sciences and psychosocial effects of rare diseases.

Here I am. This term and 26 credits from graduation, prepared to take some time off to sort out my health a bit (plus I just plain need a break!), and go after my dual Master’s Degree in Emergency Management, Disaster Relief, and Homeland Security.

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