HPV and Cervical Cancer: January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

January is a tough month for me and it’s mostly because everyday is a constant reminder that something that should have kept me healthy and safe made me very sick. I’ve been on the brink of death several times since I received my first and only shot of the Gardasil HPV Vaccine. They come in series of three and had I received the rest of the shots, I honestly think I’d be dead.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of girls and boys around the world, have been injured by the HPV vaccine and I am one of them. People considering Gardasil and the other form of vaccine Cervarix, were told that that they were the “safest vaccines ever made” when Gardasil went on the market in 2006. They would protect against 4 strains of HPV (but the validity of this claim is still very questionable). Gardasil-9 more recently released protects against 9 strains but contains double the amount of aluminum and polysorbate 80 (both trigger an immune response) as the original vaccine. Most of these quick facts below are accurate, however it has not been proven that HPV causes cervical cancer, thus defeating the point of the vaccine. In fact, some scientists say it may actually increase the risk of developing cervical cancer.

Little graphics like the ones below are not only not completely true, but they are frequently shared on social media.

I believe that for myself (and probably some others too), something genetically predisposes us to vaccine injury more than others, which would explain why some people get the vaccines without issue and some have major life-altering conditions or die as a result. The problem is, we don’t know what because proper testing and clinical trials haven’t been done, so how can we even know who will be injured and who won’t? It’s a gamble of ones’ life potentially.

In the original Gardasil clinical trial by the FDA, both the control group and the experimental group received the aluminum and polysorbate 80, which we believe is causing these problems. Since the placebo contained the same parts of the vaccine that we believe are sickening girls and boys around the world, both groups experienced the same symptoms, but because the control group was having the same symptoms, it was deemed “safe” and expedited to the market.

I can only speak for myself, but until we know what is sickening some people and not others, I believe that the vaccine should be taken off the market until further proper testing can take place. In fact, some countries like Japan have banned it completely after recognizing the dangers.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather go against a cancer with an 80% rate and preventable with regular pap smears, than deal with all the effects of that shot on my body causing numerous chronic and incurable conditions.

For more information on the dangers of the HPV vaccine, please visit:

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HPV Vaccination Under Scrutiny in Iceland

Please do good, thorough, independent research before deciding if you are willing to take the risk. It is not a decision that has to be made immediately in a doctor’s office.

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