My Upcoming Research and how YOU can raise awareness for rare diseases

I feel like one of my posts earlier today might have been confusing. Earlier in 2017, around late August, I emailed Dr. Machado, widely considered to be very informed on SPS. It was regarding SPS research that I personally will be conducting and I was hoping for his professional insight. I’m doing SPS-specific research at my university on a subject that has never been studied in formal previous papers to my knowledge. Parts of it have, but never as a whole, so it’s some newer stuff.

What I am allowed to say about the research publicly is a bit limited at the moment because of university review stuff, but coming in the next month or so, watch this group for the official information when I am allowed to say more officially.

What I will say: This is beast sucks. I get it. Complications have nearly taken me out on an almost regular basis. But I need your help. We need your help. Write a blog about life with SPS. Make a post on Facebook and let people share it. Start a YouTube channel or Instagram to show life with the condition. These are all free, but reasonably easy options to raise awareness quickly.

If you do make an SPS awareness Instagram, add me @megsmiracles

If you make an SPS awareness YouTube channel, subscribe to my channel- Meghan Bayer and I’ll subscribe back.

If everyone does one small thing, the amount of awareness will skyrocket!

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