2018 Goals

In 2018,

1. No hospital stays, intubations, etc

2. -Since January 2013, I’ve spent over 60 weeks in the hospital just inpatient. 52 weeks in a year, do the math 😬

3. Return to my early November ‘17 physical fitness levels are I’ve lost a ton of physical muscle mass from complete bed rest.

4. Walk on my two FLAT feet

5. Stay on the Dean’s List and continue working toward my goal of graduating summa cum laude in Spring 2019. This will be a challenging semester, but I’m excited for it.

6. Continue taking advantage of every opportunity Pitt and the Red Cross give me to move up in the world.

7. Keep working toward that third degree black belt and a more confident instructor (I wouldn’t mind maybe earning another 4 state champ titles too.)

I refuse to call these resolutions, there’s no reason (except for medical stuff out of my control). I don’t have to be the most-skilled, quickest, smartest person on earth, but I better be the hardest working with the best attitude.

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