Health Update: December 19th, 2017

A couple of people have been asking about the plasmapheresis and life lately, so I thought I’d do a big update.

Plasmapheresis first. Today I had what I believe is Round 6 of PLEX and their were no complications besides some minor allergic reactions. I’m now on a once a week regimen down from twice a week, and since making the change, I was making small improvements with my toes and arms. The day after I would have gotten my next plasmapheresis (Last Friday), I completely regressed back to the spasms that were so severe they had me in the ICU over Thanksgiving. My doctor doesn’t believe that there is enough information to say that the flare and the reduction in PLEX are correlated. Heck of a coincidence then! 😑

This doc is so nice and actually listens really well usually, so I know he’s not trying to be a pain, but it puts me in a bind. Especially because he won’t be at my next treatment next week because he’s out of town. I’ll be calling my neurologist for insight and my local pain management doctor to schedule injections in my back muscles. We’ll continue to treat the anemia secondary to the treatment as well.

The 31 day cardiac event monitor is still going and going well. Thankfully, I was able to get a new charger overnighted to me as well as hypoallergenic electrodes. I’m hoping they work better for my allergic and sensitive skin. As an aside, the cardiac monitor makes a very effective projectile when I’m really into a taekwondo workout and it flies out of my dobok. 😂

My Dysautonomia/Orthostatic Hypotension continues to be uncontrolled and some of my odd CRPS symptoms I get from time to time have continued.

Life Update:

Super glad to be done with my semester. I’m officially a senior (finally!), a milestone I wasn’t sure I would pull off medically my freshman year. I’ll be moving back to good ol’ Ruskin Hall in January, which I’m extremely excited about.

I absolutely love my spring internship that I started earlier! It’s so closely aligned with my passions, it doesn’t even feel like work most of the day! One more internship day this year, two more days of work, then I get a complete break until 2018. Sleep here I come!

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