The Importance of Involving Girls in Sports

I’ve had this article saved for a while. In my own life, sports have had a profound impact on the person I am today. I’ve played a lot of sports throughout my life (dance, gymnastics, ice skating, soccer, basketball, cross country, skiing (including racing), taekwondo, swim team, tang soo do, volleyball, bowling) There’s more I know I’m forgetting, but those are the bigger ones worth mentioning. Every single one of those sports taught me the importance of being a good team player and good sportsmanship.

Was/am I the best at any of those sports? Heck no, but the one thing I can control is my attitude. I have my moments (usually in private), but for the most part I wouldn’t dream of doing some the stuff I’ve seen some other players/coaches do (throwing a chair at a basketball game, snapping a clipboard out of anger, intentionally biting another player (Yeah, someone actually bit my hand hard enough to cause bleeding during a basketball game in high school. Not sure what I did to deserve that one.), taunting someone because they had cochlear implants, etc. (I had the whole home section while we were at an away game taunting me while I was playing basketball because of my implants. It didn’t bother me, but my teammates didn’t like it.), and much more.

Sports have been a part of my life since I was four years old and they’ve taught me the value of hard work, getting back up when you get shoved to the ground (both on the field, court, etc. and in life), time management to balance school, sports, and other responsibilities, dedication, perseverance, and courage. So much that I’ve learned about people both good and bad, self-awareness, and how to respond to adversity can at least be partially attributed to sports. My inability to take no for and answer when it pertains to something I’m passionate about/believe in comes from sports too. It’s a large part of why I continue some of these sports into adulthood; I’m always learning something from them.

Oh, and my ability to do what seems like everything on earth in a short period of time to everyone else? Basketball, taekwondo, and skiing. Especially in high school. I’ve learned to prioritize and adjust as necessary as circumstances change. It all started with the sports.

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