Port Surgery Update

Surgery went ok, but the recovery room antics have me completely angry. I’m admitted now and they want to throw narcotics at me to treat the pain. I’m allergic to them and they don’t work. If they’d treat the acute spasms (which are actually not to hard to treat), there wouldn’t be pain!

I got a new attending and he is following my SPS crisis protocol. We’ll start with the diazepam, zofran, sumatriptan, and ice packs (just for the incisions, as CRPS doesn’t like ice). Goal 1 is to get me to be able to eat, goal 2 is to get my spasms at a comfortable level, goal 3 is controlling incisional pain (which the ice is really helping), goal 4 is to control this migraine before it gets too out of hand, and goal 5 is that he really wants to make sure I get sleep tonight. I don’t know what he’ll use to make that happen, but he’s pretty awesome so far! Thank you God! 🙏🏼

IV Team came to access one of my ports, so I can get rid of this really, really sore peripheral IV. YAY!

They cut the single med that allows me to be able to BREATHE in half because the “dose is too high”! I’m not on any painkillers, because I don’t need them and I’m allergic to them, but is it too much to ask for my spasms to be controlled? They clearly haven’t looked up Stiff Person Syndrome! 😡 So now I’m back to square one in excruciating spasms. I can’t even sit up, roll over, breathe properly, or move my legs due to spasms. God help me. Why is everything a fight?!

Dr. came in and did a 2 minute physical exam and said “Have a nice night.” and left without answering any of my concerns. Migraine still hasn’t been treated, massive allergic reaction has not been addressed (after I requested Benadryl), and of course the spasms.

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