What is it like to have a Seizure?

I’ve had a variety of different seizures: epileptic, non-epileptic, and grand mal. Epileptic seizures are the result of electrical misfiring in the brain, Non-epileptic seizures are generally of an unknown origin.

Before the seizure, I tend to feel a little off and maybe a little bit lethargic. I always dismissed it as me being plain tired. When you wake up, you usually have paramedics around you checking your vitals and everyone insists on crowding around asking you questions non-stop. It wouldn’t be an issue if I wasn’t so disoriented for one to two hours afterwards. This period of confusion is called the postictal phase. It usually subsides after a few hours. When you come to, you are usually very sore from the involuntary tensing of your muscles during the seizure, head pain if you hit the floor during the seizure, and often a sore and bloody tongue. When the body seizes it tends to clamp down on the tongue and it injures it of course. It is a very surreal experience, especially when you are lying in a puddle of your urine and stool because you lost control of your bladder and bowels. During my seizures, I am completely unresponsive. I can’t hear anything, see anything, or feel anything. The seizure itself is a giant black hole for me, but the after seizure phase is one that makes me very spacey.

seizures are very scary for everyone involved or
witnessimg one. Remember to ensure the safety of the person seizing by clearing away hazards. Remove any tight fitting clothing. Don’t try to hold them down. Do try to protect their head from hitting the ground by supporting it, putting a pillow underneath, or using a clothes garment like a jacket. If the person starts to vomit, turn them on their side to prevent the secretions from being aspirated into the lungs. Lastly, never put an object in a seizing person’s mouth. They will not swallow their tongue.

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