OVR Update!

I met with my Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) counselor a few weeks ago. I learned some valuable information that I want to share here:

I could get Schedule A Letter later. This is a letter that would be sent with my application and it would get prospective employers more incentive to hire me by receiving extra grant money.

Grocery shopping in a chair is hard. Pushing a cart is harder. Using a reusable cloth bag to hold groceries in your lap or having a net under the chair can help a lot.

Battery-powered air compressors are helpful for easily keeping wheels pumped up.

Casters are hair magnets. Clean them regularly.

My chair is titanium, so even if the paint gets chipped off, the chair should not rust or have any structural integrity problems.

If insurance won’t cover the Smart Drive (power assist) for my wheelchair, OVR can potential cover it.

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