When You Make Plans, Chronic Illnesses Laugh

As I write this, I have been in the hospital for a week due to bizarre new symptoms. Prior to coming into the hospital, I struggled for about 2 weeks. Nevertheless, I still managed to push through my day, go to summer college classes, go to work, work out, enjoy time with friends, and more. This is a struggle that many people with chronic illnesses can relate to well. Despite symptoms, we often feel compelled to move on with our lives as normal, until we are stopped dead in our tracks.

That is exactly what happened this week. I went to my college class for a little more than an hour before deciding that my symptoms were too severe to continue with my day. A trip to my primary care doctor who sent me to the emergency room, followed. Within two hours, I was told I would not be going home that night.

This week, I had several doctor’s appointments, college classes, work, and plans with friends and family. Guess what? None of it happened. None. I’ve laid in bed receiving fluids and medications through my port this week desperately hiding my eyes from any light. Even eating has proved to be a challenge, as I haven’t kept anything down in over a week.

For a busy, high-achieving person, weeks like this are frustrating. I had my plans laid out and nothing went according to the plan. I am trying to have peace in knowing that while I’ve absolutely nothing productive done nothing this week, it was what my body needed and that is completely ok.

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