Back to School Changes

I have decided to retire my backpack that has so faithfully served me the last five years on Wednesday, August 2nd after my last summer class final. It held up really well, but the bottom is starting to thin out so holding 40 pounds of books in there is a big demand.

This backpack has been there for my first college class, my first A in a college class, and many other academic milestones. It’s been in the back of an ambulance more than once. 😂It’s been covered in sweat, tears, and blood. No seriously, I’ve bled on this bag in the hospital! It’s seen the dangers of the 10A shuttle and more than once, I’ve taken it to taekwondo. This bag was practically attached to me 24/7 during the semester.

It’s traveled to Orlando, FL, the Outer Banks, Siesta Key, FL, Rochester, Minnesota to Mayo, Cleveland, OH, Rowan Medical Center in New Jersey, Baltimore, MD, Charlotte, NC, and Philadelphia. There’s probably more that I am completely forgetting. But you get the point. It’s been everywhere!

It’s been thrown around in hospital rooms at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Rowan Medical Center, UPMC Passavant, St. Margaret, Children’s Hospital, Presby, Montefiore, Shadyside, and a bunch more.

It’s been chucked off my lap because my wheelchair tipped over. It has gotten a good share of beatings.

This might seem really weird to some people, but that backpack has been a symbol for me to carry on with my academics even I was beat up like the bag. Most won’t understand and that’s ok.

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