While You Were Sleeping Meghan Bayer (Part 4)

Let’s face it. No one is going to live forever and I believe that the day people realize and whole-heartedly accept that, that’s the day they truly start living. The day I truly started living? April 30th, 2013, after my first major “stare death in the face” moment. When my life flashed before my eyes (and yes, that actually happens!), I realized I had a really unusual regret: I’d never been to a high school dance at the time. Weird regret especially for someone like me, but I fixed that regret, so it’s all good. That’s what drove me to live life fuller, and so, my senior year, in addition to school and making good grades, I did like anything and everything. Man, is it sweeter when you’ve almost had it taken from you! So I learned to drive, got my license, went though EMT school, and then lost goes on.

When the Mayo disaster struck, it seemed as if life would never be the same again. In all honesty, it hasn’t been the same. Not even a little. The fragility and meaning of life are much more obvious. One can really find their purpose after something like that.

So breaking news… Life is 100% fatal and your attitudes in life are 100% your creation. That’s actually not depressing either. We all get a “clock” so to speak. Some people have more time left on the clock and some people are burning through the time much more rapidly.

I have mixed emotions because I scared the world. I’m like thankful that I’m still here, angry that it could have been prevented multiple times, sorry that I put my family through that, excited for the future, blessed that I live each day with a purpose, and more…

I am forever changed because of that month.

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