On the Loss of Another RSD/CRPS Warrior

Recently, the RSD/CRPS community lost another one of its most active members. It was sudden, shocking, and serves as a reminder to everyone with RSD/CRPS, that our days are numbered.

Well, I thought waiting a couple of days would help me to process and find the words to convey the points I’d like to make. However, it is just the opposite. The more I think about it, the more I am at a loss for words. So here it goes….

Max, I didn’t know you super well, but I know that you were an amazing young man, who bravely served our country until you were seriously injured. Your injury caused RSD/CRPS, an incurable neurological disorder that causes excruciating pain, as well as several other conditions as a result. RSD/CRPS is not regarded as a terminal condition, however, it’s effects on the body and complications from treatments, threaten to take the innocent lives of many warriors.

Tragically, you left the earthly world on August 11, 2015, after fighting so hard and courageously for many years. Thanks for inspiring us to fight for the cure. Please watch over myself and the rest of the RSD/CRPS community. Help us to find the cure from up there and we will finish your work down here.

While I am extremely heavyhearted, I am taking the most comfort in knowing that you are not suffering anymore; pain free at last. Fly high, warrior! We will see you again someday.

December 9th, 1988-August 11th, 2015


This is why we need a cure. So many complications result from RSD/CRPS and their treatments that are severe enough to threaten or alter life. I am speaking from personal experience when I say this. In addition, the suicide rates for CRPS and the conditions it causes are astronomical. It is no wonder that they are known as the “Suicide Disease”. Between suicide and medical complications, RSD/CRPS is extremely dangerous. This is why the world needs to know what these seven letters mean to so many people.

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