When Treatments Fail… Miserably.

Ketamine infusions are my last stop before any kind of SCS or cortical stimulator. They work well for me, but because I have bilateral cochlear implants and an ankle tightrope, if I were to get an infection that caused rejection of the SCS, then all of my internal hardware would be threatened. Most importantly, my cochlear implants because they provide me with my ability to hear. Without them, I am completely and totally deaf. So it’s very risky for me, because there is a chance that I could lose a whole sense. Again.

Over time, warriors are at risk for a deterioration of the heart and kidneys from being on years of medication. Sometimes, I feel like the techniques or methods that gives us RSDers to have the best quality of life are often at the expense of other body parts. I guess the way I look at it at this point, is I want to have the best life possible today. If I’m taking years of my life, at least I know that I am living as much as I can in the moment. Honestly, this very moment is all that we are guaranteed. Even if my life is shortened, I want to know that I lived the best possible life. Make sense? Just my two cents.

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