A Love/Hate Relationship

PT is a pain to start and do, but once you get into a routine with gradual progress, I personally found that it got easier. That’s not to say that I didn’t have days where I bawled at PT because I definitely did. Initially, I think I only tolerated the first half hour “well” and the second 30 minutes was tortuous. Eventually, I worked my way up to 2 hours of intense, non-stop physical activity. Since then, I haven’t looked back. When you start at “rock bottom” and have to fight your way upward like that, you vow to yourself to never let it happen again. I still go to PT periodically, but I spend far more time in the gym, at taekwondo, in the pool, and skiing. Alone, doing what I want at my pace. I started at rock bottom in a wheelchair 24/7, I swear I will never stop moving to avoid going back.

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