Miracles do happen and I am living proof!

Today is April 30, 2015. On this day, two years ago, April 30, 2013, a nurse who I refer to as Miss Lisa saved my life. When I went into respiratory arrest in became severely acidotic I shouldn’t have survived but I did; thanks to the pediatric intensive care unit staff at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. I remember thinking I’m dying and it was a scary thought but it showed me what I regretted in my life. I remember thinking Lord please don’t take me now I haven’t gotten my driver’s license. I haven’t gone to a high school dance yet, but most importantly I haven’t made a difference in this world yet. I remember saying an act of contrition just in case, because if those are my last words on earth I wanted them to be devoted to God. I remember thinking my last words to my parents my brother, my grandma Nan, Grandma Bayer, my aunt, my uncle, and my cousin Brie. I saw my life flash before my eyes and for the most part, I was happy with what I saw. And so on this day, I want to thank everybody who has played a major role in my life I love you guys, and even the people that have wronged me thank you for making me a stronger person because I wouldn’t be the person I am today without all The people in my life.

I’m going to step back here a second to recall one memory of the day… I remember hearing my mom tell me that she loved me and her telling me to stay strong and fight. However, I wasn’t able to respond, as everything went completely dark and silent again.

Even though this was a scary experience, I wouldn’t have learned many of the things l learned without this experience. Thank you to everybody who supported me over the years, and to anyone whose struggling with something today, trust God and remember my motto, keep your chin up and charge the mountain!

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