From Wheelchair to Taekwondo

When I started taekwondo in January 2014, I spent so much of my time being afraid of all the unknowns I couldn’t control in my life. At that time, my ability to walk and be independent was in serious jeopardy. I felt like every time I turned around there was something scary new challenge to deal with. After 15 months of training, I can say with complete confidence that even though I can’t control everything in life, I truly believe I will overcome any obstacles I face no matter how big, scary, or impossible they seem to overcome. I’ve learned that at the end of the day, I’m stronger than I ever thought possible.

When I started SWATting, I realized that I had to walk and stay active for reasons bigger than me. I have a whole bunch of white and orange belts depending on me to be healthy to help out with their class.

Confidence… It’s a funny thing to think about sometimes. There are so many ways to say it: inner strength, conviction, belief, trust, credence, self-assurance. To make it easier for the kids to understand in martial arts, we describe it in one word…

Martial arts rescued me from my failing body, my shaky confidence, and gave me the ability to lead. It’s my escape from a sometimes difficult reality

I’m my own biggest challenge. When reality and my drive and determination collide, it’s difficult. Does hard work, drive, determination, confidence, and passion beat talent when pure talent itself fails? It’s nights like these where I swear I need a sports psychologist.

Setting my sights on being the 2016 Pennsylvania State Women’s 18-29 1st Degree Black Belt Combat Weapons Champion!


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