Rant About My Chronic Pain


Rant Alert: Is it selfish that sometimes I wish that there was some visible, tangible reason for our pain? Don’t get me wrong. I have just about every RSD/CRPS symptom in the book… Skin color, temperature, texture changes. And the list goes on and on. Abnormal EMG. Abnormal Q-SART (which “confirmed” my CRPS diagnosis). Everyday, I look at my body changing colors, changing temperatures, and I feel almost…insane. Like I’m losing it. But at the same time, I’m living life as best I can. College classes, skiing, Taekwondo, Netflix and hanging out with friends and family consume my time. I’m not depressed or anxious and I’m on Cymbalta for the nerve pain anyway. I see a pain psychologist when I feel it’s necessary and she is so happy and impressed with how I am doing. With so much going “right”, then why do I feel like I’m crazy and that my pain somehow isn’t real? I’m just confused.

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