If I Had Just 24 Hours Without Pain…

 If I Had Just 24 Hours Without Pain…
An Original Poem by Meghan Bayer

What would I do if I was pain free for 24 hours?
I would hug the people I love as tightly as I possibly could.
I would run for miles like the wind.
I would wrestle with my dogs.
I would wear jeans without irritation.
I would jump as high as I could.
I would crawl on my hands and knees like a bear.
I would wear whatever kind of clothes and textures I want.
I wouldn’t have to choke down gross medications.
I wouldn’t be overwhelmingly fatigued after every little task.
I would take big risks.
I would kayak and fish for hours, followed by a long uphill hike.
I would go hunting in the deep woods.
I would roll around in the snow and bask in the sunlight.
I wouldn’t have to wear my various braces to alleviate pain/support my joints.
I would have unlimited spoons and I wouldn’t have to worry about counting and tracking them.
I would sleep soundly through the night.
I would take the hottest shower ever.
I would play basketball and soccer, without fear of the consequences.
I would live in the moment.
I wouldn’t worry about what the uncertain future holds for me.
I would be set free from the shackles of CRPS if only for a day.
Most of all, I would savor the moment, because when the clock strikes midnight, the pain will return with a vengeance.

One day, someday, my Lord will set me free from these pains and ailments. But until that day, I am holding on to hope always.

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