The Abusive Boyfriend

CRPS is like an abusive boyfriend. Wait, seriously! I mean it. Random bruises and scratches cover my body. I don’t know what happened or how they got there, but I do know one thing caused it: CRPS.
My body is forever ravaging by deep, intense pain all over my body and even my left eye. My eyes sag from sleep deprivation and edema. Sometimes, they look purple, gray, or black, like a black eye. 
My wounds never heal right. They take forever to close. (If they even close) My back and arms are covered in scars from IVs, catheters, and injections. Thankfully, I’m not insecure in my body as bathing suit season will be here before we know it.
When the pain gets severe enough, I will pass out. Usually, I’m standing at the time, so when I crash to the floor, I almost always hit my head and get a hematoma from it. Additionally, I usually pop a joint out of the socket somewhere, which creates more swelling and bruising. 
Most days, I look like I’m abused and my abuser’s name is CRPS. At the end of the day, I always get the last laugh. “Keep your chin up and charge the mountain.”

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